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Dietrich Johnson P.A.S.

Cornbelt Livestock Services

“We tested the 5-day program of PxW for pigs weaned into a wean-to-finish barn in Iowa. The Tonisity PxW pigs consumed almost 3x the water in 5 days as compared to the control group.  We were delighted with how the pigs started and look forward to using PxW on future weaned pigs. ”

Consulting veterinarian puts Tonisity Px to the test.

Ryan Strobel, DVM.

Swine Vet Center, St. Peter, MN

"We needed to stabilize production at a sow farm and were looking for ways to aid in the survivability of piglets. Litters that received Tonisity Px clearly out-performed those that didn’t, by weaning more pigs. This was a large comparison of nearly 1,500 litters and 20,000 pigs, giving the producer high confidence in results.”