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Rethink Pig Production with Tonisit y Px

Scientifically Proven, The First Isotonic Protein Drink for Pigs

Help Your Pigs Thrive As They Transition Through Key Milestones





What is Tonisity Px?

A new breakthrough technology to help pigs thrive as they transition through key milestones. Tonisity Px is an isotonic, highly palatable liquid solution that pigs will drink voluntarily, as early as Day 2 of life.

With a taste profile pigs crave, Px provides the intestinal support and hydration needed to get them off to a fast, healthy start. From Day 2, Tonisity Px can be used in farrowing as well as nursery settings.

Why is Day 2 Important?

Piglets Will Drink Tonisity Px Voluntarily From a Pan

Tonisity Px is the only known 'non-milk' drink for pigs that is used from Day 2 and throughout the weaning period.The first week for a newborn piglet sets the course for healthy growth and a healthy system throughout its lifetime. That's why it's so important to target the absorption of nutrients at a cellular level from as early as Day 2.


Gut Health

The Better the Gut, the Better the Pig, the Better the Profitability

Tonisity Px is specifically designed to help support intestinal function during times of stress. Use on pigs from Day 2 of life, before and after weaning or transport and during any other stressful events which may occur in the pig's life.

Why Isotonic?

Tonisity Px is not just another electrolyte solution composed of salt and sugar. This isotonic powder is carefully formulated to provide the right combination of key amino acids and micronutrients to help hydrate and encourage the development of a highly functioning intestinal system.


Isotonic means that it contains required molecules in the correct concentration to support the rapid absorption of nutrients, especially in the first week of life.


We understand the importance of intestinal health. Tonisity Px nourishes piglets’ intestines at a cellular level to help improve productivity from the very beginning.

See Isotonicity in Action

Using Px in Your System

To make up the 3% solution, it’s as simple as mixing 1 level scoop of Tonisity Px with 1 gallon of fresh, drinking water.

Tonisity Px is the only isotonic protein drink on the market that can be used from Day 2 and throughout the weaning period. A Tonisity Px scoop can be found within each pouch making it very convenient to mix the Px powder with water to create a 3% Px solution.

For larger farm operations, we have developed a 60L (15 gallon) dispensing cart that helps farmers to create and distribute the 3% Px solution during the farrowing stage.

Use Tonisity Px right through the weaning period. Smoother transitions enable pigs to continue to eat and drink during those stressful times. Tonisity Px liquid solution is highly palatable and can be mixed with dry feed to make a gruel druing the transistion through weaning.


Farrowing Dispenser

Mixed Gruel

Liquid Solution

Benefits of Tonisity Px

Tonisity Px results in higher returns on investment for participating pig producers. Ongoing research across the globe continues to add to our growing database of research and innovation. To request a copy of the science behind Tonisity Px, please contact Dr. Ava Firth at ava@tonisity.com.

* All statements are based on results of trials conducted by Tonisity.

What is Px?

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Px Science

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Always read and follow all label directions. Px dry powder should not be fed prior to proper mixing. Buyers and trial participants assume all responsibility for proper use, storage and handling of this product.