Studies have proven that Tonisity Px increases the villi height by 16%, as seen in the below images.

Accelerate Gut Growth

It takes a lot of guts to grow a profitable pig. The intestinal structure of a pig is its powerhouse, processing nutrients provided first by its mother to jump start immunity and sustain it until weaning; then in feed rations consumed through to maturity. If nutrients are to get to the muscle, they first must be processed in the gut.

The better the gut, the better the pig, the better the profitability.

To build a better gut, it needs to be nourished from the very start at a cellular level. The gut needs the right combination of key amino acids, electrolytes, micronutrients and hydration to encourage the generation of a robust intestinal structure and accelerate the rate of villi growth. Tonisity Px is the most effective delivery system that carries these essential elements to the pig’s developing gut. And Tonisity Px tastes good, very good.

Developed by the collaboration of food scientists and veterinarians specializing in emergency and critical care, Tonisity Px was scientifically formulated to provide key amino acids, early isotonic hydration and nutritional support for newborn pigs from 24-48 hours old. By decreasing the gut pH and supporting metabolic function of intestinal cells, Tonisity Px improves pig health, resulting in fewer deaths and removals.

The use of Tonisity Px can:
  • Lower the cost per pig sold.
  • Lower the breakeven pig price.
  • Increase the number of pigs weaned and sold.
  • Result in extra weight at harvest or fewer days to harvest weight (with the associated feed savings).
  • Yield a Return on Investment of 8:1*.
*based on 2017 EU average InterPig production data at the breakeven pig price