Tonisity at the Swine Forum – Lichen Stary, Poland

June 9, 2019

Photo caption: Tonisity’s Polish distributors, Launtop, preparing to meet attendess to discuss Tonisity Px with potential customers at the Swine Forum in Lichen Stary. This Polish forum was focussed on the issues facing the pig market in Poland, which is in the midst of a huge challenge for all breeders and pig producers across the country…. Continue reading

New Trial Data | South Africa – Mortality, Weight Gain, E. coli

May 27, 2019

Photo caption: Tonisity’s distributor for South Africa, Westside Enterprises, at Ensminger Pig Symposium on May 22nd, 2019. Aim The trial was conducted on a 2,000-sow unit in South Africa to asses the effects of Tonisity Px that was fed between day 2 and 8 on the pre-weaning mortality, E coli and growth of piglets. The… Continue reading

Tonisity is UFAS Certified!

May 18, 2019

We are delighted to announce we received our UFAS certification this week. This only furthers Tonisity’s opportunity to reach even more customers in more countries. Where GMP+ certified companies can only purchase products and services from parties that are also GMP+ (or equivalently) certified, there is a mutual recognition between UFAS and GMP+. The Universal… Continue reading

Tonisity at Pigs Tomorrow – Leicestershire, UK

May 7, 2019

Pigs Tomorrow was a two-day conference that attracted a large audience from every aspect of the industry. It gave us an opportunity to talk directly to producers who’d come specifically to find technologies they could literally take from the conference and implement tomorrow. As always there was plenty of interest around the Tonisity stand. The… Continue reading

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