Tonisity Webinar Recording- New Research into Piglet Pre-weaning Mortality and Recommended Solutions

June 21, 2021

Tonisity’s Mathieu Cortyl, Managing Director for Europe and Asia Pacific, details the latest research findings into piglet pre-weaning mortality and provides some insight into solutions that can be used to address these challenges.        

Tonisity EuroTier Speaker Programme – Dr. Alfons Jansman

February 11, 2021

The second session on day two of Tonisity’s EuroTier Speaker Programme saw Dr. Alfons Jansman, Senior Scientist Animal Nutrition, Wageningen Livestock Research, Netherlands, present his research into “Nutrition and intestinal development in young piglets.” Please click the link below to view the recorded webinar.  

Tonisity EuroTier Speaker Programme – Prof. Richard Ducatelle

February 10, 2021

The first session on day two of Tonisity’s EuroTier Speaker Programme saw Prof. Richard Ducatelle, Head of the Laboratory of Veterinary Pathology, University of Ghent, Belgium, discusses “Small intestinal absorption versus small intestinal infection.” Please click the link below to view the recorded webinar.  

Tonisity – EuroTier Speaker Programme – Dr. Laura Boyle + Dr. Keelin O’Driscoll

February 9, 2021

Tonisity organised a webinar series to coincide with the company taking part in this year’s EuroTier. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, it was not possible to have a physical event take place in Germany. The organisers decided to go digital for the safety of attendees. Tonisity developed a unique speaker programme with some of… Continue reading

Tonisity Webinar – To the Pig, Water is Much More than Merely Something to Drink

November 17, 2020

Our most recent webinar is from John F. Patience, PhD, Professor at Iowa State University. In this video Dr. Patience discusses the central role of water in the body, water requirements, water delivery and water quality issues. He addressed questions such as; Why is water so important for the pig? How much water do pigs… Continue reading

Tonisity Webinar – Feeding of today’s sow from a practical standpoint

November 5, 2020

Our latest webinar is from Laura Greiner, PhD, Assistant Professor at Iowa State University. Dr. Greiner discusses the nutrient requirements of the modern sow with a special focus on the metabolism of the different amino acids. She talks about the importance of understanding how genetics have changed, and how they influence feed intake, litter growth… Continue reading

Tonisity Webinar – Smart farming; the importance of data for sustainable pig production

October 2, 2020

In our latest webinar, Harjan Westerman and Gerard Weijers from Nedap livestock management in the Netherlands, discussed the role of new technologies and the impact they will have on sustainable pig production. Areas include advances in internet capabilities, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Modern farms are using more advances in technology than ever before for… Continue reading

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