Technical UPDATE | Effects of Tonisity Px™ on Pigs Reared in Facilities with Background PRRS Infection

January 15, 2018

Key Takeaways >Tonisity Px significantly reduced both pre-weaning and 6-week nursery mortality by 60% or more compared to controls on farms with background PRRS infection. >Tonisity Px generated an overall net benefit of $21,605, providing more than a 7-fold return on investment. Swine veterinarians and producers are well aware that porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) poses a… Continue reading

Results from Recent Trial in Taiwan

January 14, 2018

Last November, our Taiwan distributor Besta Biotech conducted a trial with one of their customers to evaluate the effects of Tonisity Px on the performance of piglets from birth to weaning. A total of 35 sows and their piglets were enrolled in this trial. Tonisity Px was given from Day 2 to Day 8 (500… Continue reading

Company Hires: Mathieu Cortyl | Managing Director for Europe and Asia-Pacific

January 22, 2017

Dublin, IRELAND – (January 3, 2017) – Tonisity, a cutting-edge company bringing innovative swine nutrition, health and wellness products to market, is growing its team with the addition of Mathieu Cortyl as Managing Director of Europe and Asia-Pacific. Mathieu brings with him 25 years of experience in the feed and feed additives industry in Europe… Continue reading

Real World Benefits of an Isotonic Protein Drink for Pigs (USA)

June 9, 2016

Historically, the principles of ORT — simple salt-and-sugar solutions and water to restore hydration and glucose levels in the body — have been used in humans to treat dehydration caused by diarrhea. Similarly, studies in humans with various medical or surgical conditions have shown the benefits of providing nutrients to the intestine early in the course… Continue reading

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