Company Hires: Daniel Faidley | General Manager, USA

April 12, 2018

St. Joseph, Missouri, UNITED STATES – (April 12, 2018) – Tonisity, a cutting-edge company bringing innovative swine nutrition, health and wellness products to market, is growing its team with the addition of Daniel Faidley as General Manager of the US. Daniel Faidley has more than 20 years of experience building sales teams and developing and… Continue reading

Tonisity Px Tour in Taiwan— By Summer Cheng (Besta Biotech)

March 30, 2018

Photo caption: Mathieu delivering a presentation on Tonisity Px alongside plenty of marketing materials! From 26th- 28th March, the Taiwan distributor ‘Besta Biotech’ held five farm meetings from the south to middle of Taiwan. During the meetings, Mathieu Cortyl delivered a speech about the current piglet challenges in the industry as well as the benefits of… Continue reading

Tonisity at Pig Focus Asia – Bangkok, Thailand

March 25, 2018

Pig, Poultry & Dairy Focus Asia was held in Bangkok from March 21st -23rd, 2018. A three day technical conference for livestock industry, this event brought together more than 300 delegates and 90 global speakers from management, nutrition, veterinary and breeding fields. Pig Focus Asia has been concentrating on issues like mycotoxin risk assessment in… Continue reading

Tonisity and Partneragro 2018 in Ukraine

March 14, 2018

Photo Caption: L to R: Aleksey Sheptuha, Dmitry Masiuk, Milivoj Rubcic, Genadi Pilipenko   Thanks to our distributor, Partneragro Ukraine and especially Dr. Aleksey Sheptuha, Tonisity had the opportunity of visiting Ukraine and presenting Tonisity Px to some of the largest Ukrainian farms. Overall, the farms were in excellent condition with most of them having… Continue reading

Venray Fair, Netherlands – By Gino Totte (Panagro)

March 12, 2018

From March 6th – 8th, Panagro Health & Nutrition exhibited at the LIV tradeshow in Venray, Netherlands. This is a regional show in the south-east part of The Netherlands, which gains a lot of interest from both poultry and pig farmers. The fair started on Tuesday 6th March with a minisymposium and lunch for attending… Continue reading

Ongoing Trial Data: Philippine Study 2018—Investigating the Effect of Tonisity Px on the mortality and performance of piglets.

February 27, 2018

This year a trial was carried out on a production farm in Mindanao, Philippines. During this period, the farm was affected by a PRRS outbreak which, as a result, reduced the number of piglets born alive per litter with higher than usual mortality observed. In total 932 piglets from 89 litters were involved in the… Continue reading

Tonisity and Qualivet at Porciforum Conference – Lleida, Spain

February 25, 2018

Last February, Lleida in Spain became the meeting point of Porciforum and Nutriforum, two conferences of international scale in the livestock sector. These events took place in parallel and brought together professionals and technicians from the pig sector, as well as experts and scientists special-izing in nutrition and animal health. The meeting involved 1,500 professionals,… Continue reading

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