Tonisity Breaks Ground in China

August 25, 2020

Tonisity International, is delighted to announce the formation of Tonisity China, a new joint venture in China with Impact Asia – a leading impact investment firm based in Hong Kong. Tonisity China is fully licensed to engage Tonisity International’s intellectual property and is exclusively responsible for Tonisity’s range of animal health and nutrition products, that… Continue reading

Tonisity Px – More Than Just an Electrolyte

June 18, 2020

Electrolyte solutions are nothing new. Most electrolyte solutions on the market are simple combinations of salt and sugar. Electrolytes are necessary to regulate water within the body. This is especially important in new-born pigs because they have a higher percentage of body water than adults and are easily dehydrated. Electrolytes are also necessary to help… Continue reading

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