Tonisity Px & Tonisity PxW to assist with heat stress in pigs in summer months

June 20, 2022, 10:16 am

Sweating and panting are the two most important tools for the maintenance of body temperature, which is how most animals transfer internal heat to the outside of the body. Pigs are more sensitive to heat than other animals because they do not have functional sweat glands, thus being unable to sweat. In addition, they have relatively small lungs for their body size, making it difficult for them to remove excess internal heat. As a result, high temperatures, especially in summer months, can mean they are more susceptible to heat stress, which in turn leads to poor performance. This is especially true in breeding herds and finisher pigs.

This seasonal condition can result in serious economic losses for the farmer, as the stressful environmental conditions for the pigs creates more health problems.

Signs of stress in pigs include:

  • Open-mouth breathing
  • Vocalisation
  • Blotchy skin
  • Stiffness
  • Muscle tremors
  • Reluctance to move

When a pig is heat stressed, it drinks up to six times more than normal. However, it also produces a high volume of urine and its feed consumption is reduced. During these stressful times, diarrhea is not uncommon and as a result there is an excessive loss of electrolytes through urine and faeces. This leads to dehydration.

It is also important to note that bigger pigs are more prone to heat stress and the reduction in growth performance is greater than for smaller pigs.

Tools to reduce heat stress in pigs

  • Increase ventilation and airflow and regularly check cooling system is in good working order (for example spray cooling)
  • Maintain drinking water temperature as low as possible (around 10°C is ideal)
  • Avoid feeding during the hottest period of the day
  • Supplement electrolytes and antioxidants through the water supply
  • Increase dietary energy density
  • Increase availability of antioxidants through the diet such as vitamin E and betaine

Why choose Tonisity Px & Tonisity PxW

Tonisity Px is a highly palatable, isotonic protein drink, supplying essential nutrients and protein to all swine classes. It is also the only known ‘non-milk’ drink for pigs that is used from Day 2 of life and throughout the weaning period. It helps pigs cope with daily stress, including heat stress and has a taste profile they can’t resist. The first week for a new born piglet sets the course for healthy growth and a healthy system throughout its lifetime. That’s why it’s so important to target the absorption of nutrients at a cellular level from as early as Day 2.

Tonisity Px has been designed to be used throughout the weaning period to help pigs transition more smoothly and enable consistent weight gain. It is an easy-to-use powder that mixes readily with water and remains in suspension when used in a creep feeder or pan. It fits easily into all types of farm management systems. The 3% solution can be used on any age of pigs for various needs. Also, the 3% solution can be mixed with gruel to support weaning pigs or fall-behinds.

Weaning can be a stressful time for pigs, and this can be especially exacerbated during hot summer months. If they don’t start drinking early, it can lead to weight loss, reduced growth and even mortality. Tonisity PxW was carefully formulated to be a complementary product to Tonisity Px and has been proven to work best when used with pigs that were previously exposed to Tonisity Px in farrowing, when they arrive in the nursery or grow/finish barn. Tonisity PxW contains key amino acids that help nourish the intestinal cells, as well as providing a stimulus for water intake. Both of these attributes will have a positive impact on the pig’s overall health and performance.

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