Tonisity Px and PxW Trial – Zaragoza area of Northeastern Spain

December 7, 2020, 12:44 pm

Tonisity international recently carried out a trial of its Tonisity Total Programme on a 3,550-sow farm in Zaragoza area of Northeastern Spain. The impact of Tonisity Px on the performance of piglets pre-weaning was measured. The farm produces 34.7 pigs weaned per sow per year on average, with 15 piglets born alive per litter. It has a historical pre-weaning mortality of 11%.

Over 5,500 piglets took part in this trial. The piglets in the Tonisity group received 500ml of Tonisity Px (Px) per litter from days 2-8. At weaning (24 days), it was found that pre-weaning mortality was reduced by 53.9% in the Px group.

Table 1. Pre-weaning Mortality

Control TPX P value Difference % Difference Extra pigs/1000 born Extra pigs/litter Extra pigs/sow/year
10.3% 4.8% <0.0001 5.5% 53.9% 55 0.71 1.7


These trial results further support Tonisity’s meta-analysis of 129 trials on 175,554 piglets across 20 countries, where the use of Tonisity Px led to a 20% reduction in mortality on average.

There was also a 61.6% reduction in the number of fall behinds in the Px group, or the equivalent of 168 extra pigs weaned per 1,000.

Table 2. Fall Behinds at Weaning

Control TPX P value Difference % Difference Extra pigs/1000 weaned
27.3% 10.5% <0.0001 16.8% 61.6% 168


Tonisity PxW (PxW) was also measured on piglets post weaning. Piglets consumed 1.6 times more PxW than water over a three-day period. This shows that using PxW after weaning helps pigs thrive rather than just survive during this stressful time.

Table 3. Daily Consumption of Tonisity PxW (L/Pig/Day)

Day Control PxW P value Difference X increase
1 0.67 1.22 0.001 0.55 1.8
2 0.88 1.41 0.001 0.53 1.6
3 0.74 1.03 0.48 0.29 1.4
Average 0.76 1.22 0.03 0.46 1.6


Tonisity meta-analysis from the US shows that trials conducted on seven different farms on 31,861 weaned pigs, pigs drank 1.7 times more PxW than water on average. Pigs started drinking from as early as 30 minutes post arrival, leading to a 57% reduction in mortality and a 41% reduction in fall behinds.

The Tonisity Total Programme improves gut health performance of pigs from day 2, right through to finish. It helps maximise the pig’s growth potential, reduces challenges like pre-weaning mortality and fall behinds, encourages fluid intake at weaning, leading to more heavier pigs and ensuring better financial returns.

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