Tonisity Px Testimonial from Russia

November 18, 2020, 3:59 pm

A recent trial took place on a 1500-sow farm in Blagoveshchensk City, Amur Oblast, Russia. Tonisity Px (Px) was administered to hypotrophic newborn piglets, in conjunction with the use of sow’s milk for 20 days. There were three pens with 10 weak piglets for the Px group and three pens with 10 piglets in the control group.

The average daily weight gain in the Px group was 249 grams compared to 213 grams in the control group.

Marievskaya Elena Sergeevna, Chief Veterinarian, stated: “Tonisity Px brings a positive effect on the development of the intestinal microflora of animals, which promptly affects the normal growth and development of piglets.”

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