Russian Distributors Customer Meeting – Bodrum, Turkey

September 29, 2019, 10:37 am

Photo caption: Presentations during our Russian Distributors customer meeting in Turkey

Our Russian distributor PROVET Ltd held the 10th Annual International Symposium «Innovation in Pig Health and Technology of Pig Breeding», in Bodrum, Turkey, from 24th to 27th September. During the week, delegates could discuss the most relevant topics in the field of health and pig production technology, sharing international experiences in prevention and treatment of the most common diseases in industrial swine breeding complexes. The guests were general directors, chief veterinarians, chief technologists and nutritionists of the largest pig farms and agro-holdings across Russia. In total, there were more than 50 participants representing a combined population of 250,000 sows.

The key topics addressed included: pigs genetic potential and the ways to ensure optimum production, impact of mycotoxins on productivity, vaccination and immunity, and strategies to control mycotoxicosis in swine, experiences in reducing antibiotic usage and the effectiveness of phytobiotics, or probiotics, in comparison to AGP and therapeutic antibiotics, benefits of feed additives such as butyrates or anti-oxidants, methods and technologies to improve sows productivity, disinfection as an important stage of biosafety in modern pig farms.

Tonisity was given the opportunity to give two presentations, “The effect of Tonisity Px on gut health of piglets and pre-weaning mortality” and “The effect of Tonisity Px on performance of pigs up to slaughter”. We would like to specifically thank Provet for the excellent organisation of the event and the possibility to connect with their customer base.

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