Tonisity’s R&D Update

September 5, 2019, 10:21 am

Ongoing Projects and Trials

This month, we have 62 trials on our list, with 30 (48%) in the planning/pre-field phase, 3 (5%) in the field phase, and 29 (47%) in the analysis/reporting/archiving phase. We are working on 2 large trial reports and 4 datasets our large clients.

Dissemination and training

Romania visit
Stefan visited Romania in the beginning of September and, in collaboration with Milivoj, held a “trial troubleshooting session” with Altius, our Romanian distributor. Stefan also visited the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Timisoara, where he talked about the Tonisity Total Programme with some of the faculty members, establishing a base for future projects.

South America visit
Ava has confirmed another visit to South America at the end of October/start of November. She will be following up on the major projects and will be attending the ABRAVES conference in Brazil.

Plan for the coming month
In the coming month, we will be working on finalising the reports and datasets we have on our list and we will be busy setting up the 3:1 evaluations.

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