An Update from Tonisity’s R&D Team

March 19, 2019, 7:02 am

Most of the R&D work in the last month was focused on the dissemination of key results from the last six months of work. The R&D team attended three major industry events and presented results at two of them. The first event was the 2019 American Association of Swine Veterinarians Conference, where Tonisity had two presentations. First, we outlined the benefits of Tonisity Px on the gut microbiome through stimulating beneficial microbes while inhibiting harmful ones. These results followed on a presentation by one of our clients highlighting the benefits of Tonisity Px on mortality and finisher weights from their 3000+ pig trial. Both presentations were well attended and stimulated numerous
leads with potential clients.

The second event was the 2019 Animal Microbiome Congress in Kansas City, where we participated in discussions on how to engage clients and present results from microbiome research. We were pleased to see that Tonisity holds a strong stance through backing up the microbiome research with production data. This is a key advantage that other major industry players are struggling with. As a result of our attendance, we have been asked to present results and to take part in a panel discussion at the EU Animal Microbiome Conference in July in London.

The third event was the Pigs R Us conference in Northern Ireland, where we presented the benefits of Tonisity Px on production to key, large-scale pig producers. The presentation was followed by a very well-attended trade show. The interactions with producers were very engaging and resulted in numerous sales leads and lots of interest to set up trials. The attendance at these events gave us the opportunity to meet, and to have meaningful discussions with the USA team. We have also engaged with the EU Marketing/Sales team regarding the dissemination of key results at upcoming events.

We are back in the office now, working on:
· analysing the results of three major USA trials and two EU-Asia trials
· setting up another five major trials in Spain, Russia and Eastern Europe
· collating results for marketing activity

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