Tonisity Px is Registered in Russia!

February 27, 2019, 6:53 am

We are pleased to inform you that after a long process, Tonisity Px has been registered and approved for use in Russian Federation in December 2018 and our local partner, PROVET, officially launched it at the Cereals-Mixed Feed-Veterinary fair in January 2019 in Moscow. In recent years, the swine production in Russia has been growing at a fast pace, following the ban on imports from Europe and Brazil. In 2017, Russia had produced 4.57 million tonnes of pork (liveweight), an increase of 5% compared to the previous year. Last year, the volume reached 4.86 million tonnes or an additional 6.2% and the sow population is estimated at 3.1 million heads. For 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture has established that the goal is to maintain these growth indices. However, the pace of the growth will likely slow in 2019 due
to the structural limitations of Russian farms. The largest Russian pork companies such as Miratorg, Cherkizovo, RusAgro, Tamboskiy, or Agroeco, have generally benefited from the current market situation and it is anticipated that these industry leaders will continue to grow, and that consolidation trends will continue. Indeed, backyard farming, that was still 20 years ago the major method of pig production in Russia, is fast disappearing mainly because of the African Swine Fever (ASF) while the large companies apply very strict biosecurity rules: employees or the rare visitors must take a shower and use disinfected work clothes before entering, bringing food is prohibited, and the staff is not allowed to raise livestock or poultry at home. If all announced pig farming projects will be launched, there should be an oversupply for the domestic market as the self-sufficiency rate of Russia could reach 115% by 2022.

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