Tonisity’s 2019 Kickoff Sales Meeting – Brussels, Belgium

February 14, 2019, 6:56 am

To kickoff our ambitious 2019 goals, Tonisity’s Sales and Marketing Teams met together in Brussels during the second week of February. We discussed specific regional challenges, nimble ways to circumvent them and new marketing initiatives that would fold into such actionable solutions. Our plan of action for each country is specific to the external and internal challenges that it faces, and we cannot rely on a “one-size-fits-all” marketing scheme. Our Sales Team prepared a short pitch in advance of the
meeting – Tonisity Px in 10 Minutes. While Tonisity Px has numerous benefits and advantages, if we can convey these elements in the shortest amount of time, we will keep the focus on the most impactful ones.
With Conor now on board, the Marketing team has its hands full with quarterly and annual planning. We will be rethinking our marketing activities and merchandising based on how things fared in 2018 – as you know, the best marketers are the most responsive ones.

The meeting was also an opportunity for our sales and marketing team to spend some enjoyable time all together and have a short tour of the city of Brussels while enjoying local specialties.

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