Tonisity at EuroTier 2018

November 26, 2018, 8:34 am

This year Tonisity exhibited at EuroTier 2018, which took place from the 13th– 16th November in Hannover, Germany. It was a very busy week for the Tonisity team with the stand opening from 9am to 6pm in Hall 2 every day with a constant stream of new and older customers visiting from across the globe.

Every day meetings were held at the vibrant pink Tonisity booth amongst sales staff where they welcomed and introduced the product ‘Tonisity Px’ alongside the latest edition to the Tonisity family – a secondary product called ‘Tonisity PxW WeanBetter’.

Tonisity PxW WeanBetter is a new follow-on complementary feed for weaning pigs that start on Tonisity Px in the farrowing stage. It is specifically designed for pigs that are already familiar with the taste and smell of Tonisity Px and will provide intestinal support during challenging times of weaning. This product has a combination of amino acids and electrolytes that deliver the necessary hydration and intestinal support during this vital transitional period.

Tonisity also had the opportunity to exhibit their updated packaging range for Tonisity Px in 5kg, 2.5kg and 1kg alongside new brochures containing the updated weaning protocol.

It was a successful few days for the Tonisity team with the creation of new leads and contacts across Europe and Asia alongside a lot of positive feedback on the branding and booth display. They held a reception on the Wednesday evening from 5pm onwards allowing all distributors and attendees to compare information and knowledge over a glass of wine and a few canapes. The Tonisity team are already excited to plan ahead for Eurotier 2020!

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