Launching Tonisity Px in Thailand

November 5, 2018, 8:33 pm

At the end of October, together with our partner SMARTVET, we officially launched Tonisity Px to their major customers. We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to visit some of the key players in Thai swine industry. For instance, we met the veterinarian team of Betagro, the second largest swine producer with 110,000 sows (50,000 in integration and 60,000 under contract). Established in 1967, Betagro’s main business started from the production and distribution of animal feed.

Later, the company invested in pork and chicken farms. These days, Betagro Group consists of 25 companies and has over 15,000 employees nationwide and abroad. They are focused on production, raising, breeding and the integration of swine and chicken, including the production of animal health care and pharmaceutical products. Tonisity Px was also introduced to the top management team of Thai Food Group, the third largest swine producer with 40,000 sows. The principal business operations of Thai Food Group are producing and distributing frozen and chilled chicken products, swine meat and animal feed. As far as swine business is concerned, they are engaged in swine breeding business and swine farms in Thailand and Vietnam. They sell live pigs to processing plants, agents and retailers. Recently, they also invested into food business.

The third major player we visited is Laemthong Group of Companies (11,000 sows). Laemthong is a major livestock enterprise for both terrestrial and aquatic animals. Their production process covers the management of poultry breeding grandparents, parent stocks, broilers and layers as well as swine breeders and fattening. Moreover, they produce animal feed for poultry, swine, cattle and aquatic animals. Last but not least, we also were able to visit some of the top private farms and could interact with the key consultant in the Thai swine market, who is advising private farms for a total of more than 100,000 sows.

It was a very successful week and beginning of 2019, together with SMARTVET, we will arrange seminars for the smaller farms.

There is no doubt that the initial trial results are creating a lot of interest among the major Thai swine market players!

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