Tonisity at Animal Health Innovation Asia – Hong Kong

October 23, 2018, 8:28 pm

At the end of October, Tonisity International had the opportunity to attend Animal Health Innovation Asia 2018 in Hong Kong. Animal Health Innovation Asia is a premier B2B conference showcasing emerging Animal Health and Nutrition companies, from China and across Asia-Pacific, that are activity seeking financial investment or strategic partnership conversations with large corporate firms.

The plenary sessions provided guidance on veterinary market trends and animal health industry dynamics in China & Asia-Pacific, insights on how emerging companies are using new innovations to prevent disease and market analysis on the mergers and acquisition activity across the animal health and nutrition markets in Asia.

Tonisity had the honor to be selected as one of the six start-up companies from Asia-Pacific, and we were given the opportunity to present our project to the audience. It was also a great opportunity to interact with key stakeholder groups in the Animal Health market, such as Heads of Business Development, R&D teams from multinational pharmaceutical companies, CEO’s, CSO’s and Heads of Business Development from Emerging Animal Health Companies, Contract Research Organizations, Consultants, Lawyers and other Service Providers.

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