Founded in 2015, Tonisity International Ltd is an animal health company dedicated to global animal welfare. Our main goal is to provide novel nutritional supplementary products that are not only beneficial for swine health but also guarantee a return on investment for participating producers. While Tonisity is currently focusing on the global swine market, the company has long-term plans to extend our product lines to other market categories.

The Tonisity team is comprised of swine industry veterans, veterinarians, marketers and economists who each bring decades of experience to the producers we serve.

Business Model

Our business model is based on a two-pronged approach. In the US, we have implemented an experienced sales team to directly support farmers and veterinarians. For the rest of the world, we have developed a distribution model allowing us to leverage local expertise from our partners who have in-depth knowledge of country-specific practices, languages and industry. With offices across Ireland, USA and Brazil, we are currently supporting veterinarians, producers and distributors in Europe, North and South America and Asia-Pacific.


Our Name

Our name 'Tonisity' has its roots in 'isotonic' which is a key feature of Tonisity’s first product, Tonisity Px. This scientific approach characterises Tonisity's dedication to supporting veterinarians and livestock producers globally.

Why Isotonic?

Tonisity Px is not just another electrolyte solution composed of salt and sugar. This isotonic powder is carefully formulated to provide the right combination of key amino acids and micronutrients to hydrate and encourage the development of a highly functioning intestinal system.

Isotonic means that it contains required molecules in the correct concentration to support the rapid absorption of nutrients, especially in the first week of life.

Here at Tonisity International, we understand the importance of intestinal health. Tonisity Px nourishes piglets’ intestines at a cellular level to improve productivity from the very beginning.

See Isotonicity in Action