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Tonisity Px is the first isotonic protein drink for pigs. From Day 2, Px helps pigs cope with stress, decreases pre-weaning mortality, increases weaning weights and improves gut health, improving return on investment for each litter. With a taste profile pigs crave, Px provides the hydration and intestinal support needed to get them off to a fast, healthy start.

We have conducted over 20 trials including over 7,000 pigs in three countries to help prove the benefits of Tonisity Px. Key findings from those trials are presented here.

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How To Use Px

Px’s sweet and sour taste encourages fluid intake to improve hydration as early as 24-48 hours after birth and provides nutrients to improve pig health at all stages of production.


Suckling: Starting 24-48 hours after birth and up to 8 days of age.


Transitional use from suckling through weaning: Approximately 3 days before weaning until 1-2 days post-weaning.


Transporting: Weaned pigs on arrival and pigs destined for slaughter.


Palatability aid: To deliver bitter oral preparations.

What It Does

Provides early hydration and nutrients pigs need to thrive from Day 2

Supports gut health and aids in feed transitions even during times of stress

Improves baby pig health and productivity, leading to fewer deaths and removals

Decreases gut pH and supports proper metabolic function of intestinal cells

Ensures pigs transition faster and easier, resulting in added weight gain at weaning

Enables producers to get more pigs off to a healthy start and fast weaning

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